Mukesh Kumar

Chandigarh, India

"Computer science is the study of problem solving. A computer scientist views a computer the way an astronomer views a telescope. It’s a way to get at what you’re really interested in studying."​

So, from the beginning of my career in technology I'm gaining the experience in the field of Analyzing Technology, Problem Solving, Engineering Techniques and Developing Software which includes a range of services, which I have rendered in the areas of Concept Exploration, Solution Simplification, User Requirements, Information Architecture, Products enhancement, usability of Product.

I am a Computer Science Engineer.

Currently working as a Sr. Software Engineer in the .NET Development Department (Signity Solutions (P) Limited).

• Using technologies like C#.NET, ASP.NET, MS SQL SERVER, MySQL, WEB API, MS Azure, WCF, Silverlgiht, WPF, Xamarin, Kentico CMS etc.

• Working extensively on System Analyzing And Software Architecture Building & Development .

• Usability testing of Software, as needed, to ensure the best user experience.

• Working closely with front-end developers ( HTML5, Photoshop, Flash, JQuery ) to find ways to push the limits of existing development technology in service of creating the best possible user experience.

• Leading team members and get the best out of Human Resources with Prosperity.

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