I have a hobby of knitting. I am going through a thought experiment of making a cell from basic biological materials. I start off with phospholipids, deoxyribonucleotides, my own DNA, ribonucleotides, and amino acids. From this I go through several stages before I get a single cell. I first extract my own DNA. I then separate the chromosomes. After that I let them go through DNA replication for 1 week. I then separate 1 diploid set of chromosomes from the rest. Next I research proteins including their structure, modifications, and gene expression as well as the sequence. After that I do PCR to produce more of that particular gene. I then put the PCR results into a test tube that has spliceosomes and RNA polymerases. I then separate the mRNA from the rest and put the mRNA into another test tube with ribosomes. This is where I inject most of my amino acids. After that I modify the protein as needed. I then place that into or on top of the organelle. I start with the cell membrane of course and then build the nucleus, RER, SER and Golgi apparatus. I then build mitochondria, centrioles, lysosomes, peroxisomes, and the cytoskeleton.