Former principle software developer with a CS undergrad and a MIS degree. Around 13 years of professional experience, worked on many kinds of projects, from embedded systems to database driven sites, on sites with traffic up to 2 million hits per month, and on teams as large as 50 other programmers. I have professionally worked primarily with nodejs, C, PHP, and MySQL, with some Python, C#, and Lisp experience mixed in. I am passionate about usability, security, and protocols. As of 2019, I am a PhD candidate in CS/Usable Security at BYU.

I host the Space 4X MMOG SkyLords. I develop in and love vim and tmux. I love programming with closures (eg, in Lisp). I run Arch Linux at work and home. I beat Nethack on my Nexus One Android phone, have also owned a OnePlus One and OnePlus 3T - looking for an affordable developer and privacy friendly option for my next phone. Formerly subscribed to EVE Online, and lived in all but low-sec. You can find more about me at iiridayn.info.

Using pico2wave or pico-tts my username is pronounced roughly as i'iri dan (the y is mostly elided).