Long Beach, CA, United States

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My Open Source Projects

  • redux-webpack-boilerplate (demo) (source) - A starter project for Redux / Webpack / Babel apps and libraries with a focus on cleanliness and reusability.
  • redux-idle-monitor (demo) (source) - Redux action creators, reducer, and middleware for monitoring user idleness in a session.
  • react-redux-idle-monitor (demo) (source) - React component and connector for redux-idle-monitor.
  • react-dom-inject (source) - Binds an HTML element by selector to a ReactElement and renders to a DOM tree to ease legacy app to React conversions.
  • repackage (source) - Builds a package.json file from component parts. Makes environment variables in scripts behave the same on every platform (nix / Windows).
  • chromarized - Developer color schemes for the web. Overrides CSS using color math to restyle colors on pages to more developer friendly tones.
  • - My personal projects site.
  • powerapi WIP (source) - Easy remote execution. For setting up quick API hooks on a machine.
  • XrmLibrary - Wrapper library for Dynamics CRM web services (CRM 4 / 2011).
  • DownloadOrganizer - .NET file watcher for organizing incoming downloads

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