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Bangalore, India

Guten tag!!!!!!

About Me

I live in Bangalore,India. 2 years ago my lifetook a U-turn where I met my partner in crime and got married. I enjoy driving and travelling places provided it's starting of the month :)


  • Year 2005-2009 : Graduated in Automobile Engineering from Chennai,India.
  • Year 2010-2011 : Started my 1st job and learned/worked on with SQL.
  • Year 2011-2012 : Learned and worked on jQuery and Javascript with as backend.
  • Year 2012-2014 : Learned and worked on knockoutjs and OOJS with MVC API as backend.
  • Year 2014-2015 : Learned and worked on Backbone, javascript and OOJS with ASP.NET MVC API as backend.
  • Year 2015-2016 : Learning angular and other happening frameworks.

I have worked with ravendb, signalr, toastr and many more libraries.