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Cindy LB

Kansas City, MO, USA

I'm a backend/frontend senior software engineer. Coded a little bit of everything. I've done waterfall and agile project methodology. The agile project methodology (currently using) experience has provided me the opportunity to play nearly every role including QA which has helped my skills as a developer. I believe ever coder should be required to learn to be a QA and do the QA role on at least one project. Love learning new coding languages. I've done extensive mainframe coding (don't cringe) but also gui as well and everything in between. Love design. Love digging in, crawling into the system, figuring it out, and how to map out a project. But there is nothing like actually coding. I'm old school and new school geek. Not just in coding but in every other way. I love technology and learning in general. Personal highlights about me? I'm huge into STEM. Love astronomy (and most sciences) and take my telescope out on clear nights. When the bands are up, I crank up my ham radio and get on the waves to talk to people from all over the world. Love to travel. I lived in Japan for six years. I've lived all over the United States. Born and raised in Oregon. Still need to travel more, though! I love nature and hiking. My motto is to live in the moment and experience the 'now' because life is too short and you don't know what tomorrow will bring.

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