Essex, United Kingdom

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Front-End Web Developer at Edocuments

I started off (like many) slicing up websites in Dreamweaver and Fireworks! As my knowledge of HTML grew, mostly from requirement, I was keen to learn more and more, expanding my knowledge of HTML, CSS and some JavaScript. My placement at Ahead4 allowed me to take on the languages I've always wanted to learn, but hadn't got round to previously, PHP & MySQL.

Years later I have had varying levels of experience with at least 10 languages (web and desktop), including PHP, MySQL, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript (& jQuery), C++, Java, Batch, Bash, Ajax, ActionScript 2, Visual Basic... (including some varieties of those, plus some strange others!)

In case you couldn't tell, I like learning new things (not just languages, I'm generally a bit of a nerd and enjoy the odd informational video about the universe or mathematical patterns)

Last but not least, I'm PC gaming enthusiast with an insatiable lust for head shots!

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