Jacob Gray

Virginia, United States


I am a 17 year old, christian, web developing, CSS loving unicorn with a taste for beautiful, unique website designs


  • CSS and CSS pre-processors
  • Javascript (AngularJS is pretty sweet. NodeJS is awesome.)
  • Good unique designs and user experience of websites. (I like uniqueness)
  • JavaFX & Android. Not iOS.
  • this is stupidly funny

A little bit about me:


  • UI UX Specialists
  • CSS3 Expert
  • Web Designer & Developer
  • Somewhat experienced graphic designer(I make random things such as this)
  • Experienced web designer
  • And somewhat active on Github.

Not Relevant

  • I ♥ Hackathons, waffles, unicorns, and hand-drawn circles.(Never waste an opportunity for a hand-drawn circle)
  • Photographer, low-poly enthusiast

Awesomeness: https://github.com/Jacob-Gray/loadit.scss

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