ElonMusk, Ha**er, Developer, Risktaker, fail-repeat-success,International,Entrepreneur,InfoSecurity Speaker at DefCon, BlackHat, EkoParty, DragonJar, 8.8, Hacklu

I'm highly self-motivated, able to work proficiently independently or in a team environment, with comprehensive understanding of object-oriented and service-oriented application development techniques and theories, proactive to find ways to improve solutions and processes. I love challenging tasks.


Strong experience building trusted, scalable, high-traffic, secure, highperforming, enterprise-grade RIA(rich internet applications) from scratch or refactoring legacy code, most of the cases following continuous integration, rapid development, and Agile/Scrum strategies.

For me, as tech lead it is very important to understand the company vision and goals, to follow only best practices and best coding standards independently of the language, taking care of code quality is a must, teaching and mentoring the team, setting up coding policies, deployment policies, info security policies, code contribution policies, etc. Passionate about being responsible for all phases of SDLC(planning, creating, testing, and deploying). Recognition of weakness/strongest skills of each one in the team. Clear and good communication always.

I spend my free time as international speaker in the info-security space showing up in DEFCON, BlackHat, eKopart, DragonJar, and others.

Also creating open source frameworks/tools for developers. Right now I'm taking online courses to get certificates from MIT, Stanford(Udacity, Edx), focused on improving my knowledge of logical reasoning, algorithms, data structures and new technologies.

Strong Fullstack Web development: strong experience with open source platforms and languages but also with Microsoft technologies. Experience writing complex web systems with objectorientated languages. I have worked with the following products: Apache, IIS, Nginx, Linux Red Hat, Debian (terminal mode), bash scripting, Mongodb, node.js, Backbone, Ember, Angular.js, Python pep8, Php(Zend, CakePhp) , Javascript, DOM manipulation, Mozilla/Chrome plugin development, Wordpress plugin development, Sencha Extjs, jQuery, Java, SmartClient, Gwt, , Svn, Git, Mysql, Eclipse or Vim Json/Xml, Linq/xml, asp.net mvc, C# framework, MongoDb, Entity Framework, design patterns and debugging tools. Also I have worked as Android Developer with Android Studio or Eclipse

Strong knowledge in development of : Automation tools for SEO, SEM, SMO(Web bots, auto posting, viral marketing, etc). Monetization tools for adsense,adwords, wordpress, twitter, blogspot, youtube, slideshare APIs. Cloaking and Proxy Chains. SEM, SEO optimization tools for (google,bing,yahoo,baidu ). + +Scraping data tools for search engines( Organic and paid SERPS and APIs calls ). Windows O.S. automation with Delphi 7.


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