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Arthur Collé

Wall Street, New York, NY, United States

I'm an analyst at Goldman Sachs in Interest Rate Products (IRP Frontline), within Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities (FICC Technology). I work on the FICC trading floor of their Manhattan headquarters at 200 West Street in New York City. My team builds, extends and maintains the real-time trading systems (trade booking, risk mgmt, inquiry management) used by the US dollar interest rate sales & trading franchise. While I have a special focus on OTC derivatives as my first team was a cross-asset derivatives lifecycle management engineering team, I wanted to gain the asset-class specific business perspective of working with the desk, moving into rates after my first year with the firm. Mostly worked with the exotics and volatility traders at the beginning of my time with the new (current) team and learned about how Goldman represents financial instruments like swaps, swaptions and structured products in its systems (having gained a tremendous amount of experience with Slang development and SecDb engineering as a result). My role was recently expanded to directly work with the US Treasury bond traders and the systems used by them which is interestingly very distinct from what is used for the derivatives business. My team works extensively with sales and trading to further the business objectives of the Securities division and I'm very keen to continue to expand my skill set in these areas, expanding my knowledge of financial market dynamics and operating a profitable market making business, at-scale, in order to drive revenue growth and profits for the firm's public side. I'm very interested in developing new trading algos for automated market-making or perhaps prop trading if that becomes a thing again for big banks. We'll see - I'm having a lot of fun these days.

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