Leon Conrad

London, United Kingdom


I am an independent academic, writer, playwright, poet, educationalist, and storyteller.

I was invited to be poet-in-residence at the first Edinburgh Food Festival in 2006, during which I published poetry in The Pleasance Times and on the Pleasance website.

My books include History Riddles; Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System (co-authored with David Pinto) (Liberalis Books, 2013); and Aesop the Storyteller - a book of versified fables (Aladdin’s Cave Publishing, 2008).

I have written two plays: Aesop The Storyteller which premièred at the Camden Fringe in July 2006 and Under the Arabian Moon which premièred at the London Bridge Theatre in 2009

Over a three-year period (2013–2016), I provided a regular monthly column for the Russian in-flight magazine Flight Line for Anglophile Russian travellers on the vagaries of the English language.

A full list of academic articles, draft papers, and a copy of my MA dissertation on the history of English 16th and 17th Century woven and embroidered textile bookbindings can be found on my profile at https://independent.academia.edu/LeonConrad

I have contributed to radio and TV programmes, and published papers in specialist journals. I have published articles on voice-centred communication skills and coaching techniques i publications such as Training Journal, and The Teacher magazine, and my work has been featured in PR Week, The Church Times and The Daily Telegraph.

As a freelance editor and proofreader, I have helped many authors get their works accepted for publication. From 2013 until his death in 2016, I had the privilege of being able to study visual ways of symbolising logical relationships directly with polymath George Spencer-Brown, author of Laws of Form. I have gone on to use his methodology in teaching logic, and in analysing story structure.

As a storyteller, I have been studying the Drut'syla Midrash tradition with storyteller Shonaleigh Cumbers since 2015, with a particular interest in tracing the influence of oral traditions on the development of the classical progymnasmata curriculum.

I tutor students across the world using an integrated approach to a classical liberal arts education.

I am co-founder and lead trainer at The Academy of Oratory.

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