Vincent Tang

Orlando, FL, USA

I mostly develop with NodeJS / Javascript for full-stack applications, but I dabble in Python and Excel VBA. I am a confident developer willing to learn new things as they come. Please check out my GitHub or go to my blog to learn more about projects I have done.

Below are a few of my best answers and questions, not based on votes, but rather brevity and helpfulness. As well as projects I've made that solve real-world applications.

I contribute to a number of communities besides StackOverflow, listed below


  1. Javascript: Split a string into array matching parameters
  2. Javascript access json property
  3. javascript how to get json data with api call to redirected url


  1. Excel - Seperating / Showing Deleted Duplicated Data
  2. Excel VBA Grab Ancestor value from Relational Data
  3. Creating URL Paginator with Excel VBA


  • ExcelVBA - Bulk Downloader & Renamer Script used by 300+ database-developers for ETL and local backup


  • and Software Recommendations
  • Freecodecamp forums solutions
  • SuperUser Forums


  • I live on US East Coast.
  • You can reach me here :::::: (at)
  • If you email me please write bananas in the subject line.