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Toronto, Canada

I joined Stack Overflow not only to share my coding knowledge, but also to observe how beginners learn to program. I find joy in teaching and transforming one's perspective so that the laws of computing become their second nature. I believe that learning should be converging, meaning the more you learn, the less you need to memorize because you have developed a knowledge framework. Unfortunately this is not how most knowledge is presented to today's developers. There seems to be an endless race to learn the new framework, new language, new paradigm, etc. There is a better way. I hope my answers to the questions that I carefully selected to answer, communicate the message that mastering the fundamentals, and focusing on the nature, rather than the form, of the problem on hand, will put you in a position where your knowledge stays relevant and accumulates over time. Yes learning is fun, but the real entertainment is to own your knowledge and build solutions with them.

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