Redmond, OR, United States

After flailing around in college for a few years trying different things, In 2010 I decided to take a summer internship with a small web development company called FiveTalent in beautiful Bend, Oregon. It is amazing here in Bend. Erm, uhh, I mean it sucks here, don't move here. :) At the internship I immediately fell in love with coding. Sure, it was just HTML and CSS then, but I knew I had finally found something I enjoyed.

After a few Web Development courses, I decided to make the leap and attend Oregon Institute of Technology for their Software Engineering program. OIT was one of the most difficult experiences of my life (Being an Air Traffic Controller in the Marine Corps was easier), but I also came love more structured programming like C++ as well as databases.

Since then I have been working and playing in the world of C# and Sql Server and enjoying every second. It is truly amazing to have a career path that is enjoyable; My wife likes it also--she doesn't have to hear me come home from work and complain :)