Antonio Hernandez Maquivar

Washington, District of Columbia, United States

I'm really into sports databases - especially baseball and futbol (Soccer in the U.S.). I started looking at math in my late 30's ! I consider myself an ok(-ish) amateur mathematician with more curiosity than my skills can manage. I am completely fascinated with Wolfram Alpha.

I am also a National Team Coach for the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) and so Team USA.

I have a few sequences in Sloan's database:

A293462: Let $A_n$ be a square $n\times n$ matrix with entries $a_{ij}=1$ if $i+j$ is a perfect power and $a_{ij}=0$ otherwise. Then A293462 counts the $1$'s in $A_n.$ It has been conjectured this sequence increases monotonically.

A292918: Let $A_n$ be a square $n\times n$ matrix with entries $a_{ij}=1$ if $i+j$ is a prime number and $a_{ij}=0$ otherwise. Then A292918 counts the $1$'s in $A_n.$

A323551 and A323552; which are the numerators and denominators of the partial product representation of $\frac{\pi}{4}.$ In particular

$\prod\limits_{p\leq n}\frac{1}{1-(-1)^{(p-1)/2}p^{-1}}=\frac{A323551}{A323552}$

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