Bucharest, Romania


I'm a mexican backend web developer interested in performance and infrastructure development. I've been working with Node/express mainly for last 3 years doing API's design and implementation. Been pretty involved with MEAN apps too, and pretty involved with MongoDB in particular. I really can say I love express before frameworks.

About languages, Right now I'm pretty involved with Javascript, with new ES6 and ES7 stuff. I've got experience with Java and Python too, can even work a bit in Android what I've liked. Would love to get to know Go, Elixir and these trending functional programming languages soon ;)

Image processing and natural language processing are challenging topics for me, and I'd love to lead my career to high performance and availability aplications and stacks development.

I rather do backend development but lately I've been trying React, which I enjoy.

Apart from software development, I love Real Madrid and watching movies and series, of course music, and I also love food, like a lot.