Merge Keep

I live in the Highlands of Scotland. By day I bring up my 2 young boys, by night I design and build websites. I listen to obscure progressive rock music, play the drums and drive a battered old Land Rover that needs more attention than I can give it. I don't watch TV but I do like to watch films and listen BBC radio 4. I love walking and climbing in the hills.

One other thing I would like you to know is that I'm very dyslexic and writing takes a lot more time and effort than for most people. So if you see duplicate words, strange spellings that my spell checkers have failed to pick up or any other lexicographic wreckage its not that I'm lazy or couldn't be bothered.

So think twice about editing my posts please. My words may come out wonky but they are my words and unless you really have a hard time understanding what I'm saying I rather you didn't.