Lock Haven, PA

Currently a GM for D&D 5e. I have also run a 4e D&D campaign and a few 1 shots of All Flesh Must be Eaten. I play in games of D&D 5e, 7th Sea, Legend of the 5 Rings, and Scion. I have perused the rule book for DC's superhero RPG as well as a few others.

I am also an amateur hobbyist who makes D&D tiles in the modular 2.5D style (invented my DM Scotty of TheDMsCraft and perfected by DM Gareth of TheDMGinfo, who are both on youtube). Along with the tiles I make models of set pieces to enhance the miniature play, things like tables and chairs to scale and other set decorations can go along way to helping players think outside the box, in my opinion, and makes for some fun interactive game play!