Los Angeles, CA

Hello! I am a junior to mid level back end web developer. After I finished studying CompSci at University, I got my first job as a WebDev. They threw me a curve my first day and told me that at first, I was to maintain an existing Flash App that was on the FLEX Framework and written in ActionScript3. At first I was surprised what FLEX could do, never having used it before, but that dissipated quickly and I then moved on to help my boss build a massive Order Tracking System for the marketing company we worked for - in Zend no less. This was also my crash course in learning PHP. After that position, I got some front end experience building sites and minimal apps on Drupal. Now, I am the lead backend webdev at a company on a team of 5. We have only been there about 6 weeks, but we have already replaced their eCommerce solution of a badly wounded version of OpenCart with a fresh install of Magento. I am in charge of designing, implementing, and maintaining our server cluster on RackSpace's Cloud. Currently, WordPress still sits on the root hosting our content, but that may change soon.

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