luser droog

St. Louis, MO

  'So,' I said, very comfortable out but real razdraz with-
in. 'Since when have you been consorting and comporting
with Will the English?'
  'Now and again,' said George, 'I get around all on my
oddy knocky. Like last Sabbath for instance. I can live
my own jeezny, droogie, right?

Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange

It was the achievement of one individual which
brought the Glass Bead Game almost in one leap to an awareness of its potentialities, and thus to the verge of
its capacity for univeral elaboration. And once again
this advance was connected with music. A Swiss musi-
cologist with a passion for mathematics gave a new twist
to the Game, and thereby opened the way for its supreme
development. This great man's name in civil life can
no longer be ascertained; by his time the cult of per-
sonality in intellectual fields had already been dispensed
with. He lives on in history as Lusor (or, also Joculator)

Hermann Hesse, Magister Ludi

"Religion always leads to rhetorical despotism,"
Leto said, "Before the Bene Gesserit, the Jesuits
were the best at it."
"It leads to self-fulfilling prophecy and justifi-
cations for all manner of obscenities," Leto said.
"This... rhetorical despotism, Lord?"
"Yes! It shields evil behind walls of self-
righteousness which are proof against all
arguments against the evil."
"It feeds on deliberately twisted meanings to
discredit opposition," Leto said.
"All of that, Lord?"
"The Jesuits called that 'securing your power
base.' It leads directly to hypocrisy which is always
betrayed by the gap between actions and explanations.
They never agree."
"I must study this more carefully, Lord."
"Ultimately, it rules by guilt because hypocrisy
brings on the witch hunt and the demand for

Frank Herbert, God Emperor of Dune, p. 117

What's your name?
You must have a name.
Of course.
I'm not just anybody.
What's so hard?
Just a name!
If you want,
spell it backwards.
What's your name?
You must feel better already.
Spelled like the bird?
Yes, Raven.
- First name?
- Ralph.
What did you say?
Keep writing.
Refugee... victim
of robbers and horse thieves...
beginner... sensitive... destitute...
specialist and layman
all in one, you might say.
One thing at a time, Mr. Raven.
Where do you live?
Where do you sleep?
Around? Here and there?
The pizzeria, "Casa dell'Angelo."
You sleep in the oven, I suppose?
- You don't believe me?
- No!

Film: Faraway, So Close! (In Weiter Ferne So Nah)

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