I am a 22 year old i developed in interest in programming in general when i took a visual basic class. since then i have messed with vb, c++, python, html, php, css, javascript(moreso jquery im not very proud of that) and mysql. i have also dabbled in writing android apps however id like to get a more solid foundation on javascript before i continue with that. i guess my reasons for joining here is because i went to college for programming and i can safely say after getting a degree i feel like i know less programming i spent 4 years dealing with pretty much sudo code and graduated with the best grade after making math helper which helped kids solve algebra. I am extremely unhappy where institutionalized education has taken me and found i have learned more in the my own studies then schooling ever taught me. but i still feel like a week programmer and i am here looking for like minded individuals to colaborate and brain storm with. i try to help with questions when i can but usually leave it to the more versed programmers. i also try asking questions when i need to however i have yet to get a good answer the last one i was repramanded for not capitalizing and down voted and before that id ask question only to have them misunderstood and put on hold.

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