Northern Virginia

I am a former professional patent examiner, and a former pharmacist before that. Long-time Christian, but short-time in actually attempting to walk the walk. I like to discuss the different aspects of the religion with my co-believers, in order to more fully understand all the nuances and wrinkles of our faith.

I also like explaining the tenets of Christianity to new believers, in order for them to truly understand the awesome scale of God's sacrifice for us, which is actually impossible for a human mind to understand. God DIED for us.

I live in Northern Virginia, Alexandria, to be specific. Have lived in the area my whole life, except when I went to Virginia Tech in Blacksburg from 1989-1993 and then Medical College of Virginia (pharmacy school) in Richmond from 1994-1997.

I am really enjoying this site. I found it after researching something that a fellow believer had said to me at work - that "we can achieve sinless perfection here on Earth, while still confined to our physical flesh bodies." I found that to be anathema to the Christian faith, so I searched and found many good answers to that question. Since then, I have been really fascinated by the site and the wide variety of people using it.

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