Springfield, IL

I'm an atheist, but not a materialist, since materialism involves unqualified assumptions and circular reasoning not unlike religion. I like debating philosophy. I recognize social values as well as individual values and find interest in how these play out.

I'm vegan for both health and ethical reasons. I walk at lunch instead of eating and eat once a day in the evening. I bicycle to work and ride with a club.

In my job and hobbies I actively do, VB6, C#, VBScript, javascript, PHP, Java, IBM mainframe COBOL, JCL, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Power Apps. I've been programming forty-five years, having started as a Customer Engineer as we were called back then, doing hardware. I began programming, writing troubleshooting software in assembler and FORTRAN to exercise the machine, then ISAM file recovery utilities, then applications. I've owned a company, been a consultant, and now enjoy being a state employee at a state agency. When not coding and remediating I do business analysis and project management.

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