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Las Vegas, NV

I use Stack Overflow quite a bit to research questions, and to ask a few as well. I also visit some of the other Stack Exchange sites, English Language and Usage, Webmasters, Graphic Design, Wordpress, Skeptics, Ask Ubuntu, UX, and Fitness and Nutrition.

My programming ventures began way back during the days of BBS's, and eventually evolved into website development. For the most part I use PHP, the old-school way, but I am trying to grasp JQuery, OOP, and other MVC frameworks.

I would like to think my programming is just a hobby, however, if you measure a hobby by the time spent doing it, then this must be more than a hobby! I enjoy the challenges of programming. and it keeps my mind occupied. I am always eager to learn and will answer a few questions too, but I am definitely more of a student than a teacher!