Matteo NNZ

Paris, France

I work as technical developer and functional consultant of a large financial platform used by many huge investment banks.

  • I work with: Java (for the development of SOAP/REST services), SQL and Bash.
  • At work I sometimes need: VBA, Angular, HTML/CSS/JS, C++
  • For personal projects, I like to play around with: C#, VBA
  • In the past, I've been working with: VB.NET, Python

Most of the code I write is built around financial applications, hence with financial needs (real-time, data precision, low latency, resilience...). My passion for coding was developed along the way (I'm actually a -quantitative- Finance graduate who's started touching some code at the age of 22 and get passionate about it right after).
I come from Italy, I live in France, and I also speak English and Spanish.

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