Martin S. Stoller


What to write... what to write? Does anyone read these at all?

With over thirty years of programming experience, I think I've finally earned the title "veteran" (got the scars to prove it, too). I've also done sysadmin and support work, getting my hands and knees dirty pulling a plethora (and yes, I do mean "abundance") of cabling through ducts that greased spaghetti would have had trouble passing through. Beating reluctant UNIX and Novell servers with a one pound mallet until they agreed to work in rooms radiating a pleasant 38 degrees Celsius. With soothing, well modulated words calming down workers close to suicide who had unwittingly rebooted their machines before saving their gargantuan spreadsheets. During these perspiring years I often put together small tools and apps to help make my admin life easier. And in the early years of my computerized life (during high school) I programmed for fun in languages and on machines that have now been more or less forgotten. All those years I've dreamt of designing and creating the "PERFECT OPERATING SYSTEM"! But that is another story…

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