I'm a software developer who relishes authoring HTML and CSS on the web and hacking C# on his self-built Windows PC. I adore Jesus and the colors green, purple and teal, and I often catch myself thinking in numbers and code on a whim.

My areas of specialty are in web design — I've known HTML and CSS for more than a decade now! — and Windows app development with C# and XAML. Other languages I've worked with include (from most to least experience) PHP, SQL, ActionScript, Swift, Objective-C, Perl, Python, and Java.

Along with being a CSS guru, I'm also a Microsoft MVP! You'll often find me answering questions on Stack Overflow about Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, as well as Windows app development on WPF and UWP.

Roles on this site

From the tags I participate in (below) as well as my bio (above), it's easy to tell that I'm interested in a number of languages and topics. However, you'll most often find me patrolling, curating and moderating the following tags:


As a moderator, I believe I am more efficient than ever with post revisions and other housekeeping duties, as I continue with my question-answering business. While I actively add fresh content to the site, I'm also helping out with cleaning and polishing our currently-existing posts. "Dust tends to settle", and all that jazz.


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