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Born in a Catholic family, grrew up as a Christian (Protestant). In my teenage years, I turned to Catholicism and even pursued being a priest (yeah, imagine that!). Thankfully, after much reading and studying the Catholic system, my deep desires to one day be married and have kids, got enlightened and relieved by reading 1 Timothy 4 and then I understood that God really didn’t want me to give up on family, if I wanted to serve Him. It was then that i was invited to a Pentecostal church where I technically and officially accepted Jesus as my personal savior. Towards my 20’s, I joined and serve actively in a Charismatic church, and then studied, listened to, read, and sat, throughout the following 10+ years, under the teaching of, and somehow participating, in churches of all tendencies: Baptist, Traditional Anglican, Wesleyan, center, Reformed, and non-denominational –with all the flavors they come in. i have learned a great deal from all spectrums of Christianity and have come to the conclusion that all denominations got something right; I have the suspicion that many denominations might not be quite right on other issues, and a few are definitively off on others -but I’m still learning.

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