Valter Moretti

Trento, Italy

Mathematical Physicist (full professor), Math. Dept, Trento University, Italy. Research areas: Mathematical Aspects of Relativistic and/or Quantum Theories. Member of the Local Quantum Physics Crossroad. Books:

V. Moretti: Spectral Theory and Quantum Mechanics with an introduction to the Algebraic Formulation, Springer 2013

A. Bytsenko, G. Cognola, E. Elizalde, V. Moretti and S. Zerbini:
Analytic Aspects of Quantum Fields, World Scientific Publishing, 2003,

Recent review paper (with I. Khavkine): Algebraic QFT in Curved Spacetime and quasifree Hadamard states: an introduction

Recent research paper (with I. Khavkine): Analytic Dependence is an Unnecessary Requirement in Renormalization of Locally Covariant QFT. Commun. Math. Phys. (2016)

Recent lecture notes: Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics: An Advanced Short Course

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