Valter Moretti

Trento, Italy

I am both a Physicist (MSc and PhD in Theoretical Physics) and a Mathematician.

I am full professor of Mathematical Physics at the Math. Dept of the University of Trento, Member of the Local Quantum Physics Crossroad.

Research interests: Foundational and Mathematical Aspects of Quantum and Quantum-Relativistic Theories, Quantum information and photonics. My GoogleScholar profile

Recent Books (here is my complete bibliography):

C. Dappiaggi, V. Moretti, N. Pinamonti: Hadamard states from light-like hypersurfaces, Springer 2017

V. Moretti: Spectral Theory and Quantum Mechanics: Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Theories, Symmetries and Introduction to the Algebraic Formulation, Springer 2018 (first edition (2013))

V. Moretti: Fundamental Mathematical Structures of Quantum Theory: Spectral Theory, Foundational Issues, Symmetries, Algebraic Formulation, Springer 2019

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