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Brussels, Belgium

I am a Chemical Engineer specialized in Analytical Chemistry and Environment. I have affinities with computers, analyzers and machines. I like to understand how they are built, how we can service them properly and repair them. I also develop APIs in Python3 and PostgreSQL and administrate Unix servers. I extensively use numpy, scipy and pandas for scientific computation, and I find those libraries very convenient.

I fell in Computer World as a child: I was 8 and I was amazed to operate a 286 I recycled. First time I hit the net I was using a 56K modem, it was before Google or Wikipedia even existed and I still remember when those services appeared and how they changed my daily life. Lot of things has grown from there...

I believe Q/A websites and collaborative platforms are great tools, I am glad to make my contribution either by asking or answering questions.

Do you find there are a quite interesting analogies:

  • Between Wikipedia and the Asimov's Encyclopedia Galactica in his Foundation Cycle?
  • Between the ubiquity of smartphones in our Occidental societies and George Orwell's Big Brother in Nineteen Eighty-Four?

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