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Come learn the logical language!

  • Will be the first human language a computer learns how to understand — not just speak.
  • Conveys colors of expression in ways that English fails to: like the difference between habitually and regularly; or between something you own, and something you have.
  • Modern Math and Science as a core language concepts: space-time, logic, set theory

TLDR; Life; programming; SE: All invigorating!

Why we're here

The vision of Stack Exchange is important, and worth fighting for; our fight is not against each other, but against stagnation and fatigue. Do not become weary of doing well; and do not become content with your personal best!

If you're new, reach deep, learn (and then teach), and do more. If you're senior, train up others to complement or succeed you. Above all, let us celebrate our success! We're a community of competent, driven scholars: we have the best questions and the best answers!

Why I'm here

I like to think I am sharing in the experience of others here on Stack Exchange. I search for the perspective of others; and I take away value each time I visit; in turn, I hope to shape the experience of others in a positive way: by giving useful feedback, cajoling newcomers into constructive creators, and reminding senior members to continue giving the best of their experience — and the benefit of doubt.

Who I am

I recently discovered photography, and used a couple mirrors to take a selfie of taking a selfie. (Thus, my avatar.) As you can see, I'm always looking for a new creative outlet, and I enjoy puns entirely too much! My variety of hobbies (ranging from needlepoint to theatre) makes me relatable to a wide variety of persons: if I haven't tried it already, then I plan to at some point, and you're the perfect person to introduce me to it!

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