Greensboro, NC

At the young age of 13, being a programmer is considered nerdy and it makes you a loner in school. I hide it just for this reason. But in the web it is accepted so I am proud of it. It is sad, yes. Things about me...

  1. Learning C++ & SDL & OpenGL
  2. Learing Python
  3. Learing HTML & JavaScript & CSS (maybe PHP)
  4. I love food <3
  5. I love playing games
  6. Programming makes me feel really smart and good about myself when I squash a bug
  7. My highest reputation is in gamedev (proud of it)

Well I hope I keep programming


  • being able to program in Python, C/C++, Lua, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, LINQ, C#, and Visual Basic by the time I finish high school. (this goal probably has a 20% of not being completed at the destined time but I WILL WORK HARD)
  • being a pro at SDL, OpenGL, XNA, PyGame, libGDX
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