Orlando, FL, United States

I am a:

  • Meteorologist (BS University Oklahoma, coursework for Masters at Florida State)
  • Past teacher (ranging from youth to college)
  • Big believer in open source and improving information (active on OSM, Wikipedia, etc)
  • Major geography aficionado
  • Traveler (US, UK, Denmark)
  • Past storm chaser (after 5/31/13, have decided there are more important things, though still spot around central FL)
  • Past college intramural sports referee
  • Programmer (PHP, Perl, C++, VB, Excel, Linux shells, etc)

And most importantly, a very passionate Christian. I wasn't the typical Christian. I didn't grow up in a religious family. I was an ardent atheist. But God showed even a wretch like me at 17. Sometimes the simplest answer, even as preposterous as it seems, is the truth. And we are the ones who don't want to see it, because we're too prideful, too worried about what we'll lose.
Jesus Christ is Lord.
Seek ardently and you will find Him.

Many of my passions stem from that, whether it's answering questions in place like this, providing weather information (feel free to message me anytime for meteorological advice), teaching, or trying to make a difference.
To God alone be every glory!

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