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Atlanta, GA

WPLib Box Project Lead

I direct the WPLib Box project at for local WordPress development on your desktop or laptop. If you liked my answers, please give the box a try.

If you want help about WPLib Box, please join our Slack. We will bend over backwards to help you with it.

Also, as a WordPress architect my team and I work with clients who have business-critical 24/7 WordPress websites. We build and manage sites for these mid-sized media and SaaS companies, and sometimes we come in to fix the problems left by other WordPress developers.

We also consult with other WordPress Teams who want us to help them set up a professional workflow, especially in midsize and larger organizations as well as agencies.

If you would like to discuss hiring us, contact us here.

However PLEASE READ THIS if you are looking for help on a StackExchange question or want to ask "how to" questions directly. If you have asked here and if I haven't answered your question personally it is because I have many time commitments to clients as well as WPLib Box, and I must give those first priority.

P.S. Need help with your code? Please ask here on WordPress Answers so answers you receive are beneficial to all.

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