About me:

My name is from southpark that reason i choose that name and picture, Kenny is good caracter from cartoon.

About developer

I am developer Java Junior, What do I know about developer? Java SE, Java EE, SpringMVC, JPA, Hibernate, My focus with REST API. What do I know about database? MySQL, H2Database, MongoDB (i will be good ok!!!), SQLServer, Oracle (i don`t know it :(, i will learn one day XD).

About why am I here?

I am using stackoverflow because here is good place to learn more and share knowledge.

About language that I know and i am learning I still learning English, my new target is Japanese, YES i will speak japanese one day.

memrise profile: www.memrise.com/user/Kenny23 duolingo profile: www.duolingo.com/kennyIchi facebook profile: top secret...

If you use memrise or duolingo follow me.

About how find me?

Good question!

Thank you for help me.