San Diego, CA, United States

I studied physics and computer engineering with dreams of doing a PhD in high energy or condensed matter theory, but alas I sold out to the data science industry.

My favorite papers,

  • "A Theoretical Framework for Back-Propagation" by Yann le Cun
  • "Information Theory and Statistical Mechanics" by E. T. Jaynes
  • "The wavelet transform, time-frequency localization and signal analysis" by Ingid Daubechies
  • "Equation of State Calculations by Fast Computing Machines" by Metropolis et al.
  • "Stochastic Relaxation, Gibbs Distributions, and the Bayesian Restoration of Images" by Geman and Geman
  • "Nonlinear Programming" by Kuhn and Tucker
  • "The Generalized Simplex Method for Minimizing a Linear Form under Linear Inequality Restraints" by Dantzig et al.
  • "Coherent States for Arbitrary Lie Group" by Perelomov
  • "A discrete time multiresolution theory" by Rioul
  • "Derivation of the Schrodinger Equation from Newtonian Mechanics" by Nelson
  • "MCMC using Hamiltonian dynamics" by Radford M. Neal