Calgary, AB, Canada

I did a year of a four-year Bachelor of Information and Computing Systems, then realized that while I love coding, I wasn't that serious about it. I guess sometimes a hobby is just a hobby.

I've been programming on and off since I was 14, when I ran a multiplayer Moparscape server written in Java. At the time though, I didn't even know what language I was using. I managed to reverse engineer existing code to learn how to create new things. It's 10 years later now, and I know 9ish languages. Right now though I'm focusing on Clojure because it's just a fantastic language. Unfortunately, I have very little, if any experience with frameworks. Since I'm just a hobbyist, I've always found it more rewarding to do everything "the hard way".

I can be reached at if you need any help that's beyond the scope of this site. I love a good puzzle.

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