Does it Really Matter?

I am a computer nerd and math geek who study all day and loves to make computer games by mixing math and programming together. Since childhood my dream was to make my very own Red Alert and that's the reason why I study Computer Science and Mathematics, only because it enables me to actually build my own computer games (and other cool stuff too), which in turn makes Math learning far more interesting, fun and fascinating.

I am extremely interested in professional (2D / 3D) game development, and in particular
Artificial Intelligence for games,
Physics Simulations,
Graph theory algorithms,
Computational Geometry,
Procedural Generation and Procedural Texturing,
Shading algorithms,
3D modeling,
Realtime Visual Effects (controlled by mathematical formulas)
Sound Synthesis (the art of creating sounds from mathematical formulas)

Computer vision, Formal Verification, Compilation Theory and Fluid Simulation (Which is a very complex thing) also seem very interesting.

Also I am trying to take a good grasp of the following computer languages and technologies:
C/C++, Java, Objective-C / Cocoa, Android SDK/NDK, JNI, CUDA. DirectX , OpenGL and Apple's Metal.

And also I am trying to take a good grasp of Autodesk 3Ds MAX since I got to create 3D models for my games.