Quebec / Montreal, Canada

I am currently working for Groupon Canada as a software designer/developer.

  • I am a Java expert, linux fan, keen on Android
  • I like working with people who like design, software architecture, testability, mocking, continuous integration, sonar. Serious programming.
  • I would love working on a framework for a better CI & QA of Android projects.
  • I like to learn and I like to be proud of my work.
  • I live between Paris, Montreal, Quebec and San Francisco.
  • I speak French, English and Spanish.

Latest projects :

  • Contributor to RoboGuice (open source)
  • Main Author of RoboSpice (open source)
  • Author of BoundBox (open source)
  • Co-Author of Quality Tools for Android (open source)
  • Main Author of mimic (open source)
  • Main Author of AfterBurner (open source)
  • Contributor to Javassist maven plugin(open source)
  • Contributor to Javassist gradle plugin (open source)
  • Main Author of Morpheus (open source)
  • Main Author of LogLifeCycle (open source)
  • Main Author of TypedAdapter (open source)
  • Added lint, monkey, monkey runner and UI Automator support to android maven plugin (open source).
  • Author of RoboDemo (open source)
  • Author of Cinemadroid.
  • Contributor to android-authorization library (open source).
  • Contributor to Sonar Qube (open source).
  • Author of Apache click charts enhanced (open source).

Stackoverflow careers 2.0 profile available here.

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