Chicago, IL, United States

Long time mobile team lead with a love for network engineering, security, IoT, oss, writing, and research. Over 9 years of experience in software development and technical leadership with much of it in the Enterprise mobile and server side space. The majority of my mobile career has been based in iOS and Android but I have worked with other wearables as well such as headsets. The majority of my server side experience has been in Java Spring, Python, and Node.js.

When I am not at work I also enjoy coding, writing, researching in my free time. The Chicagoland area has a lot of excellent meetups and I enjoy attending mobile, C/C++, and network engineering meetups throughout area when possible. I also try to contribute to open source as much as possible with recent contributions to CPython and TCPDump. Researching new developments in mobile and in wireless communication and security is one of my favorite topics. I am always looking to learn more about mobile device connectivity and the networks they run on.

What drives me as an engineer and a technical leader is education and the collaborative growth that you get from working with a team of other talented engineers. I always am looking for an opportunity to better educate myself and grow in my career!