The community moderator @terdon suspended me for alleged disruptive abuse of site comments and (ironically) hiding information. His accusations are not supported by the site's data-mining automata:


...which awarded me special recognition in early December for purposeful comments. I was among the (possibly very) first of U&L's users to earn it during Dec's Data-Mining Bash. In the spirit of the season, I freely gave all of my statistics as naturally as one might, and actively sought none of those hats awarded in that time.



Besides directly contradicting recent statistical analysis in word, terdon's deeds also conflict with Jeff Attwood's above-quoted theory of moderation. Here is a generally representative (and abridged) chat transcript.

I have complained in comments and chat of recent regular destruction of information (the only redeeming StackExchange quality, in my regard). terdon does not acknowledge these complaints in either word or deed but rather dismisses them even to the point of month-long censorship. In the previous link, for example, I am quoting him when I say:

quorum be damned... quorum your rosy behind - are you trying to substantiate my complaints?

...but he deleted the original message, as he has deleted many others:


If you can see deleted comments and take a little time to review the edit history on his answer when compared with mine I think you might consider, as I do, how very dishonest his behavior appears to be here (and I would thank you for an image of those deleted comments as well). I don't particularly care about the plagiarism possibly implied there - it's just free information and that's all that really matters to me, though I was, at first, a little shocked by how blatant it seemed I first noticed it on that occasion.

On Feb 5 2016:


(thank you, Michael, by the way. I do regret some of the language I used there, but I was hot)



That last comment - comprised almost entirely of terdon quotes (the majority of which I managed to retain) - got me banned. The only reply is at top here. It has since been deleted. I might complain less about deleted information if I had never been given cause to go looking for it later in my own defense only to find it had been wiped from the record after the fact. That continues to happen.

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