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Kent, United Kingdom


I am a recent B.Sc Psychology graduate looking to further my understanding of Physics both just for personal interest and to help me pass some entrance exams for German M.Sc Neuroscience courses, which require a greater understanding of Physics than I currently have.

I last studied Physics at GCSE about 5 years ago (when I was about 16 for those unfamiliar with the UK qualifications) so I have quite a lot of catching up to do to be ready for M.Sc entry exams!

I found this website by searching for some expansion on something in my textbook and I joined to ask a question because the site looks great and I'm sure I will have many more questions to come. There are also plenty of interesting discussions here to keep me entertained.

My main interests in Physics are astrophysics, particle physics and quantum physics. When I say interests, this simply means that I find them especially fascinating, not that I have any particular expertise in these areas. I am aiming to find out more about these areas especially though!

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