Istanbul, Turkey


While working for a computer company (especially on network development) plus as a freelance developer, I graduated from Ankara Gazi University Architecture Faculty.

I’m a self-educated/self-learned app developer, writing code from the age of 12. I had a PC when I was just 7 and mesmerized by them (who doesn't).

Here are some projects I worked on recently: * iOS game 'Ciz Gitsin', full OpenGL drawing app with server side authentication and big data handling.

  • A few SaaS web-based projects, including VAST capable adserver for media planning companies.
  • File sharing (similar to Box in usage, but has FTP capabilities).
  • Social media search (realtime search capable, can search on Twitter and Facebook, also uses Twitter streaming api).
  • A lot of data mining tools (which will remain nameless in here :) ).
  • POS integrations.
  • A php based fully working twitter client (with custom written OAUTH library)

  • Some other projects I worked include, but not limited to these:

  • HTML5 realtime and touch based newspaper, capable to work on mobile devices.
  • PHP, SWF reader (capable of reading objects and actionscript).
  • PHP, MP4 reader (can extract data from mp4 files, but not frames).
  • Maxscripts and C++ plugins for automating 3D scene and object design.
  • A patient follow-up app for vets.
  • Simple walking AI (in 3dsmax) that can detect collisions, change walking style and speed.
  • A camera app that can detect simple emotion changes on a person's face.
  • Veronoi fracture script for 2d objects.
  • Football playing (2D only) AI (C++).
  • 3D solid rendering on videos by using cue tracking points (actionscript)
  • Rule based car driving AI (C++).

Some of my old programs (1998-2001) - An RTE 8 bit sound compression algorithm similar to the ones used by GSM operators. - Peer to peer data and voice transfer app over network and internet. - Live video streamer, using either a cam or tv card (video capable device). - Icontool, similar to start menu of windows 95-windows 7.

Specialties:Objective C, Perl, PHP, SQL (MySQL, MSSQL), C++, C#, VB.net, Actionscript, (AS2 & AS3), MaxScript, Javascript, CSS, HTML5, Adobe product line (Photoshop, Illutrator, Indesign, Flash, Dreamweaver)