I like easy questions. especially in MySQL. I find it fun and keep me remember things. I was programming in ColdFusion for work but it's been a long time i forgot the syntax. Then I learned Java, and didn't work with it for a long time and forgot the syntax. Then I learned PHP to create a site on free hosting and it's been a long time so that site is automatically shut down and so i forgot about PHP as well. Then I learned Python on a free online course with coursera and remember very little Python just enough to play around with CodeSkulptor.org. And the only thing that's fresh in my mind right now is MySQL and simple Python. I once tried this challenge to use back propagation neural networks (using neurolab Python library) for a $20,000 USD prize but the minimum accuracy you had to get was 72% and with all my efforts i was only %70 accurate but it was fun trying. Now I just program simple CodeSkulptor programs for this guy from Vietnam that wants many programs in order to predict the lottery numbers (I doubt that will ever happen since the lottery has no sorts of pattern) but the programs he asks are fun to do i guess. And I answer simple MySQL on here for fun. I especially enjoy queries that involve datetime. Other than that i seem to forget everything if i don't work with it day in day out...i think i have a very short term memory. Seriously though I am secretly waiting for Artificial Intelligence to arrive... I was so excited when I heard AlphaGo beat Lee Sedol 4-1. What else? Oh yeah I enjoy Codeskulptor.org because you only need a link to run your simple programs without installation it's easy to give the link to someone who's not into programming and installing software. CodeSkulptor.org is just javascript interpretation of Python language.