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John Schultz

Idaho Falls, ID

I have been working in the Information Technologies and Systems industry since 1993. Although, his love for programming has been his main focus since I was a child, I started programming on a Commodore 128 in 1985.

I have done all aspects of IT from front line phone technical support to Senior IT Administrator. I has also worked with Local Area Networks, Municipal Area Networks and Wide Area Networks. Not to mention designing a Wi-Fi antenna for use in that industry. I currently is working on a redesign of his original design to encompass both 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz simultaneously. I has also built computers desktops, servers, repaired laptops and some handhelds.

I Started developing Microsoft based websites starting with Active Server Pages v3.0. Then moved to c# v1.1 framework. After a short break, I relearned the v3.0 framework and has progressed to the v4.5.2 framework. I continues to develop his skill and code set to this day with various personal and professional projects.