Matt Wanchap

Gold Coast, Australia

I've been working with software professionally in some form or another since around 2008. If I had to pick my favourite things about my work, they would be:

  • Building tools to help people work more efficiently and effectively
  • Working with other people's code and improving things while learning from how they tackled their challenges
  • Integrating systems, especially those that weren't designed to be integrated

Ever since my parents brought home my first computer when I was in grade 3, I'd wanted to be a computer programmer. I first started programming in high school and jumped straight into an IT degree at uni. During my postgrad year I worked part-time at a small web development company called Creative Infusion (which no longer exists) and, full of the hubris of youth I thought, how hard could it be? So I ambitiously tried to start my own little web development business; unfortunately being fresh out of an IT degree I didn't have much in the way of business skills, so it was a very humbling experience!

Since then I've developed solutions for the healthcare, business services and finance industries, as well as teaching two classes (C# programming and web dev) as a teacher at the Australian College of IT.

In 2014 I somehow convinced an amazing woman to marry me and the adventures we've been on so far have been the best yet!