Robin Vessey

Melbourne, Australia

I have a record of success in take good ideas and hard problems and turning them into great products and sustainable business models - ensuring these are supported by the right mix of technologies to enable them to grow and evolve.

I run a software development / venture development company called Redgum, we focus on 3 key areas:

  • Pre-IPO development work. We become your outsourced CTO and work with you to bring your idea through to a product you can take to market.
  • Project recovery. When projects go off into the rough, we come in, put some structure around them and bring them back on course.
  • Product evolution. We work with companies to build products and technologies adapting them to the changing environment in order to keep the relevant.

We have several ventures running and a good solid team who now have experience in over 25 different industries solving problems from large scale data capture through to real time monitoring and decision making systems systems.

My personal role started out as software designer / developer and now is CEO. My goal is to become Chief Dreamer, being able to immerse myself in my clients business needs and our own R&D.

  • Blog: The business of software
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn Profile
  • Companies: Redgum Technologies, Advanced Publishing Systems
  • Twitter: @RobinVessey
  • Company Twitter: @RedgumTech
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