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Seattle, WA

I'm a developer currently based in Seattle, WA but originally from the backwoods of Nova Scotia where I spent my time as a teenager teaching myself C++ building useless Windows 3.1 apps. I have a BSc in computer science from the University of Calgary and a BA in Music from Dalhousie university.

I'm currently working for Amazon as a web developer but in my spare time I build sites for not-for-profits that I volunteer with such as,, and At the moment I'm rebuilding in Rails 4.0.

I work on a few neat Ruby Gems: Lingua Franca which integrates test frameworks with i18n translations to ensure all text is translated and all/only current translation keys are available to translators. It also gives the user context by saving the page content so they can view the page while they translate. Bumbleberry adds browser capability logic into sass and ruby allowing the server to serve customized output and css files to the user depending on their browser. It greatly reduces the size of css files and creates fallbacks for browsers which are not capable of displaying specific content.


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