Marco A.


I'm a former NVIDIA engineer who happens to like C++ and system internals a lot.

Don't take anything I say for granted: I'm always learning.

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Some of my favorite answers and questions

  • gcc and clang implicitly instantiate template arguments during operator overload resolution
  • In overload resolution, does selection of a function that uses the ambiguous conversion sequence necessarily result in the call being ill-formed?
  • clang fails replacing a statement if it contains a macro
  • c++11 constexpr flatten list of std::array into array
  • Is a program compiled with -g gcc flag slower than the same program compiled without -g?
  • How is clang able to steer C/C++ code optimization?
  • Newton Raphson with SSE2 - can someone explain me these 3 lines
  • Clang compilation works while gcc doesn't for diamond inheritance
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