Timo Junolainen

Turku, Finland


At the moment i am math student of turku university.

This is indirectly why i might sometimes ask obvious, dumb even, questions.

My native language is different from language university, and online information adds one more language to the mix.

To make things more complicated.. usually student get "moniste", learning material. Due to rather complicated reasons, i get those very late if at all.

This leaves me quite clueless about some very trivial things. Sometimes even triviality might be a problem, "this is too trivial, cant be", while it actually can.

I value knowledge over everything, and never seek mechanical answer. So if you will help me understand thing, i am greatly thankful.

Back to trivial things: i have noticed, that sometimes i have no problem at all with quite complex things, but trivialities quite often stuck me. Thus: "I am not dumb, just very odd"